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Honor in the Dust: Theodore Roosevelt, War in the Philippines, and The Rise and Fall of America's Imperial Dream

"Fascinating....The story of what happened when a powerful young country and its zealous young president were forced to face the high cost of their ambitions."


- Candice Millard, The New York Times Book Review

Last Stand at Khe Sanh: The U.S. Marines' Finest Hour in Vietnam

"This is a book about what it is like to fight desperately, often at night, for your own survival. The long siege at Khe Sanh was one of the true horrors of the Vietnam War, and Gregg Jones gives it to us in all of its bloody, often hopeless, and heroic detail. Based largely on interviews with the Marines who were there, Last Stand at Khe Sanh stands as a remarkable record of what they did."


- S.C. Gwynne, author of Empire of the Summer Moon and Rebel Yell

Red Revolution: Inside the Philippine Guerrilla Movement

"Red Revolution is a seminal account of the origins and development of the communist-led New People's Army. Through his painstaking research and, particularly, dozens of interviews with NPA founders, current leaders, and followers, Gregg Jones has made an enormous contribution to an understanding of this indigenous revolutionary movement."


- Stephen W. Bosworth, former U.S. ambassador to the Philippines